Terms of trade

1/ All goods (already delivered or not) remain without exception the property of Zwakman Motors until they are paid in full.

2/ Before any deliveries all invoices needs to be settled in full unless different agreed.

3/ Work carried out in our workshops is guaranteed for a two year period after the date of invoice.

4/ Our own line ZM parts are fully guaranteed for a two year period after the date of invoice.

5/ We don't guarantee any parts supplied by us from other manufacturers.

6/ We don't guarantee pre-used/secondhand parts supplied by us.

7/ We don't guarantee any re-used parts of a customer project, as example if we rebuild your engine we are not liable in any way for hidden failures at the re-used engine block or cylinder-head itself or for any afterwards arising damage caused by (or due to) failures of these parts, we only warrant our work that has been carried out to these parts, nothing more/nothing less.

8/ We are not liable in any way for delay or stoppage of the work progress if,
A/ The reason for that was caused by technical problems of the project itself.
B/ Third parties not keep their selves at their obligations against us. 
C/ There are outstanding bills of the project overdue for payment.
D/ During any dispute with the customer re the project.
E/ Superior power forces so.
9/ By giving us a job or project, our customers automatically agree to trust & accept our judgement for what needs to be done and equally our choices how to do so.

10/ If there arise unusual technical problems at the given job/project we can't be forced by the customer or their advisors to compromise the quality and nature of our work if we don't like to do so, no matter the circumstances.

11/ Customers are not permitted in any case to judge the time scale needing for unusual operations or restoration work that are of none standard nature and obligate their selves to this rule.

12/ We don't have any insurance obligations to our customers re their given projects, it's the duty of all our customers to insure their own goods against damage or loss due to theft or fire or transport or any nature disasters, unless different agreed.

13/ Cars sold by us with a first registration date older then ten years have no warranty in any way and will be sold all AS IS.

14/ These terms are dating from the second of January 1995 and are hand over by us to any new customer and applies to all our work or deliveries.
15/ Current hourly rate: €180,00 + 21% Dutch vat.