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  • The Garage where all began, TomĀ“s father at his garage in 1962 with XKC 019


    Tom Zwakman is founder of the company, a perfectionist that grew up at the garage of his father and started his own jaguar business in 1976 and launched his current specialized business in 1984.

    Zwakman Motors Europe is the most experianced and longest established independent jaguar & aston martin specialist of the Netherlands with customers from all over Europe and US.

    The company is based in multiple buildings next to each other with several workfloors & specialized equipment for various jobs and is the best equiped engine workshop in Europe superior in its field.

    Main activities : overhaul & tuning of classic jaguar & aston martin engines.

    Side activities : trade in jaguar & aston martin competition and sports cars of exceptional quality up to unique collector pieces.


Independent JAGUAR & ASTON MARTIN specialists for well over 40 years.

SS & JAGUAR up to SIII E-types & ASTON MARTIN up to oscar india models.

Fabrication of improved parts.

Engine overhaul & tuning & full race preparation.

Gearbox overhaul.

Differential overhaul & uprates. 

Full running gear restorations.

Rally & road race preparation.

Conversion of RHD > LHD  &  LHD > RHD.

Productive hours charged at € 150 ex btw.

Warrantee 50,000 km with a max run time of 3 years.