• The Garage where all began, TomĀ“s father at his garage in 1962 with XKC 019


    Zwakman Motors Europe is the leading and oldest independent jaguar specialist of the Netherlands specialized in vintage jaguar technology and fabrication of one-off custom build road race cars and is based in a chain workshops for various skills with first class equipment & machinery and a well experianced team.

    Creating perfection is our trade mark and what we do and deliver.

    Founder & owner Tom Zwakman began his Classic Jaguar Garage in 1976 and opened in 1984 his current highly specialized business for overhaul and tuning of Vintage and Classic Jaguar engines aptly named Zwakman Motors.

    Besides our technical works services we also offer a variaty of the most exceptional and finest ss & jaguar collector cars.

    Our complete automobile stock list is available upon request.

The Dutch world of historic Jaguars.

Our services for Jaguar road & competition cars from 1932 unto 1972 :

Engine overhaul & restoration & tuning.

Gearboxes overhaul.

Differential & gearbox overhaul & competition uprates. 

Steering & suspension overhaul & competition uprates.

Brake overhaul & competition uprates.

Fabrication of one-off custom build road race cars.

Conversions from RHD to LHD and they other way round.

Warrantee 50,000 km or 30,000 miles with a maximum run time of 3 years.

Hourly rate € 150 plus btw / vat.

ZME for those wanting trouble free motoring.