• The Garage where all began, TomĀ“s father at his garage in 1962 with XKC 019


    Zwakman Motors Europe (ZME) is the most experianced and longest established independent classic Jaguar specialist of the Netherlands existing out of several old fashion buildings covering various high skilled workshops equiped with precision machinery and has a well skilled team with passion for older technique. 

    Tom Zwakman is the founder and owner of the company and began his first classic jaguar garage in the mid seventies but opened in 1984 the current works for restoration and tuning of historic and classic jaguar engines aptly named Zwakman Motors.

    ZME has also a classic Jaguar sales department which sells by no means regular cars but only ultra rare highly unique motor cars.

    Note, our cars are only offered at this website and nowere else, also we remove cars immideately after a finalized transaction. 

The Dutch world of historic Jaguars for trouble free motoring.

Overhaul & restoration & tuning of : Engines / gearboxes / differentials / steering units / suspension parts for Jaguar road & competition cars built between 1932 and 1972.

Perfection to last detail is our trade mark but perfection is time consuming so our engines are costly to built, nevertheless the result is a perfect engine with unusual long lasting life time without any problems or power drops.

Also transformation service of RHD to LHD to correct factory specification.

Only the productive hours worked at a project will be charged at an all including hourly rate of € 150 + NL btw (vat).

50,000 km or 30,000 miles full warrantee from delivery with a maximum run time of 3 years.

ZME is for those personalities who really want the very best.