• TomĀ“s father at his garage in 1962 with XKC 019


    Zwakman Motors Europe ( ZME ) is a typical 1960's style garage but fully equiped with modern precision machinery and tooling and is the longest established independent sales & service address for classic jaguars in The Netherlands with over 1000 square meter workfloor and over 2500 square meter storage.

    Tom Zwakman is the owner and founder of the company, he learned the skills in the bmc & jaguar garage of his father and started in the mid seventies his own classic jaguar garage.

    In january 1984 he opened a new company specialized in the restoration of historic & classic jaguar engines aptly named Zwakman Motors (later added with Europe when it became a European wide operating business).

    ZME classic car sales offers mostly rare to unique examples and worldwide well known by those who appreciate quality above the quantity on offer.


Overhaul & restoration & tuning of jaguar engines / gearboxes / differentials of road & competition models built between 1932 and 1972.

45 years experiance and continious investing in know how and parts has given ZME by far the first position in its field, perfection to last detail is our standard.

Productive hours worked at a project will be charged against an all including hourly rate of € 150 plus 21% dutch vat on top.

50,000 km or 30,000 miles full warrantee from delivery with a maximum run time of 3 years.

ZME engines are costly to built but are of unusual long lasting life time without any problems or power drops by normal and fast road use.