Classic Jaguar Engines Holland

  • The West Coast Jaguar Garages, above the first garage with father Cornelis Zwakman and XKC019 just serviced, son Tom started his own garage in 1974 and revised all in 1984 when he added the engine overhaul department and renamed all Zwakman Motors.


    With well over 50 years reconditioning the classic jaguar engines we are the longest experienced specialists of europe in our field.

    Our garage is specialized in restoring & tuning the historic jaguar road & competition engines and other jaguar running gear parts.

    We manufacture ss and jaguar engine parts of revised quality to provide with more efficience and performance and less pollution.

    We have a wide range running gear parts available from the shelf.



    Historic competition car servicing.
    Engine competition preparation.
    Engine overhaul and assembly.
    Manual gearbox rebuilding.
    Differential rebuilding.
    Parts supply.