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Classic Jaguar Engine Restorers

Zwakman Motors is a independent specialized classic jaguar business founded in 1983 by Tom Zwakman.
Tom grew up at the bmc / jaguar garage of his father, a crowded place for English & Italian sports cars where he learned the skills at early age and where he became a true pioneer in automobile engineering and adventurer in building fast cars.
In the mid seventies he started a classic jaguar garage to preserve the good cars and restore the pour ones  but in 1983 he followed his heart and took decision to continue with only the mechanical technique side of the cars which he loved most and started off a brand new company called Zwakman Motors specialized in overhaul of Jaguar engines and drive train components and preparation of road race cars and in addition the sales of special Jaguars.
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Tom's father at his garage with XKC 019 in 1962
ZME Program :

Overhaul & restoration & race preparation of :
engines / gearboxes / front axles / rear axles / diffs / steering boxes of jaguars built between 1932 and 1975.

Fabrication of unobtainable parts manufactured to high precision standard and made of modern materials by modern machinery to increase performance and life duration.  

Separate workshops for : historic car service & competiton car service & machining & assemble.

ZME performance products are at the shelf, also we have a substantial original parts stock. 

Overhaul warrantee 50.000 km to a max of 3 years.

Hourly rate €150,00 plus 21% vat.
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130 mph Jaguar SS90