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ZME is a independent jaguar business since 1984 founded by Tom Zwakman.
Tom grew up in the jaguar / bmc / alfa romeo garage of his father and learned the skills at early age and became a pioneer in automobile engineering, he started his first own classic jaguar garage in mid seventies to preserve the good cars and restore the pour ones and liked especially working at the mechanical side of the cars, because of that he opened by january 1984 a new company called Zwakman Motors specialized in overhaul & competition preparation of jaguar engines.
ZME is europe's most experienced and best equiped jaguar works for restoration & preparation of mechanical technique.

In addition Tom buys & sells the finest jaguars.
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Tom's father at his garage with XKC 019 in 1962

Overhaul & restoration of Jaguar engines / gearboxes / front axles / rear axles / diffs / steering boxes of models between 1932 and 1975.   

Preparation of competition engines / gearboxes / diffs / front axles / rear axles / alteration of standard road cars to road race specification.

Separate workshops for : historic car service / competition car service / machining work / engine assemble.

Parts stock that contains most mechanical parts from original old stock to superior quality re-fabricated parts.

ZME conditions on request.

ZME supplies quality rather than quantity.
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130 mph Jaguar SS90