• 1934 Jaguar SS1 Tourer

    Only a few of these remain in existence and our lady is the finest available with all original bodywork and all original brightwork and all original technics, however due to age her upholstery and paint were renewed some decades ago.

    Rare supplied spec with ohv tourer headlights and rad grill, only a handful cars were altered like this before first delivery.

    Price: POR

  • 1938 Jaguar SS100 Coupe

    Most extraordinairy Jaguar works car ever produced wearing an ultra lightweight alloy body and fitted with a powerful 3.5 litre straight six ohv engine which is placed low between her front fenders and a unexpectedly sporty character.

    Indeed she is a unique lady and true masterpiece, she was introduced at the 1938 Earls Court Motor Show where she took instantly first appearance of the show, she is without doubt the first lady of british automobile industry.

    Price: POR

  • 1951 Bentley MK VI DHC

    One of the very few bentleys from origine bodied by the well known coach builder Graber of Swiss and an extremely strong character getting the silence and respect wherever she appears.

    The base is in great original condition and all seems very well maintained through its live as we expect by a special bentley like this, she is a pleasure to drive and ever so easy to use in todays traffic.

    Price: POR